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Monday, October 08, 2007

Gallery & Review: Load My Mouth

Free Movie Gallery from Load My Mouth:


Looking for a lot of movies? Load My Mouth has over 200 cum swallowing videos. Yes, over 200, and all the women swallow it down. The only downside is that the movies often have a similar feel to them. There is usually no story, just a little interview. Then on to the bj and then the cumshot. Sometimes there is some fucking. Each scene is around 10 minutes long, so they are kinda short. But if it is the finale you are waiting for, then this delivers plenty of that without much else. Also, most scenes are shot POV style, so if you are a fan of the point of view style of filming a porn movie, then that is an added bonus. I personally think it is a great way to film the money shot, so it works well with this site.

The videos are available in 5 resolutions: 2000k, 700l, 350k, 128k, 56k. The highest quality is obviously the 2000k, and it is impressive looking. I have a 19 inch monitor, and these movies looked very sharp and clear even at full screen. The 700k looks decent at full screen, but all the rest have to be watched at half to a quarter screen. Also, the 2000k viersion can be downloaded in full length, which is great. All other versions are only available as 5 minute clips.

The best part is that this site is also part of the BrainPass network (see review below). So you get a huge amount of bonus sites totalling thousands of videos.

Overall, a site that gives you lots of what you want in this niche, and lots of bonus sites for when you are looking for something different.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Group Cum Swallowing Videos

Whoa. If you like to see women swallow loads from a bunch of guys, check out the freaky babes at Sperm Cocktail.

 Group Swallowing Movies


Sperm Cocktail is another site from the folks at BrainPass, so you get full access to all the BrainPass sites when you join any one of their sites, which is huge. They have over 40 sites and around 4,000 videos online, so it is a huge network. Sperm Cocktail features movies of women who swallow loads from a bunch of guys. If you like group blow jobs where the women chug down all their loads, you'll love this site. When I visited a couple weeks ago, I counted 98 full scenes. You can download or stream the movies in various resolutions. Their highest quality is WMV at 2000k/sec, which looks very clear and sharp at full screen, and you can download the scene in full length. They also have the scene cut up into 5 minute clips which you can stream or download at resolutions of 700k, 350k, and 128k. So even those of you with slower versions of DSL should be able to find a resolution you like. The 700k is pretty good, even watchable at full screen, but is not as crystal clear as the 2000k versions.

When you are done with this site, they have two more sites you have to check out. Their sites "Swallow Me POV" (see review below) and "Load My Mouth" are included free, and feature another 250 videos of women gulping down big loads. Their is a drop down menu at the top of the site that lets you easily jump from site to site. Overall, for this kind of movie, these guys do an excellent job of providing high quality movies, and over 250 of them at that. That is better than most other sites out there. The fact that you get a massive amount of bonus sites with thousands of movies, all well integrated into an easy to navigate site, makes it one of the best deals in porn.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Free Cum Swallowing Clips

I found a few nice galleries for you. There are some good cum swallowing pics and videos here that are worth a look. The movies are down the bottom, so scroll past the pics to get them. They are a big plug for Swallow Me POV, so read my review below if you are interested in that site. It has some good videos, just not very many of them. Though I do have an update to that review. The BrainPass network added a new site where the women swallow recently. It has about 150 videos, which is about 5 times what the other site had. The site is called Load My Mouth, and features mainly blowjob videos where the women gulp down the goo at the end of each scene. The nice thing was almost all those videos had their really nice looking 2000k/sec full scene download option. So now, it really is a decent site even if you are interest in only one thing and don't care about all the bonus sites.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lets Get Some Links Up

Hey, welcome to the new blog. I figured this was a good way to share links to hot cum swallowing videos that I find on the web. They are not easy to find, so for people who love to see women swallow, this site will get you some links to videos and sites that have some decent stuff on them. The best free site I have come across so far is Big Cum Swallowing Videos . This site has a few really nice galleries of pictures and videos. Some of the pictures are a little softcore, but two of the videos actually go all the way and show the woman gulp down a little spooge. So enjoy.

While we're here, I was just wondering how many women actually do swallow in real life. My guess would be not too many, so you are lucky if you have a wife or girlfriend who does that. Some women do it because it is just less nasty than the alternative of holding it in your mouth until you can spit it out, or getting cummed on somewhere. I guess some women must just let the guy release on himself to avoid the whole sticky affair. Oh well, if you are getting a bj at all, you probably shouldn't be complaining.

I'll get some more links up as I come across them, and soon I will review two of the pay sites I have joined that specialize in these kinds of movies. One totally rocked, and the other, not so much...

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